Blockchain platform that meshes Patent Pending financial applications, micro-services architecture, smart contracts and Blockchain technologies into a single SaaS offering.

FusionSeven’s Blockchain product offers complete configurability and can be set up to operate in an off-chain or on-chain environment allowing FusionSeven to deploy a client’s Blockchain network in weeks rather than months.

  • Create or Import Smart Contracts
  • Validate Smart Contracts for and provide Consensus (voting)
  • Persist valid Smart Contract on distributed immutable ledger if consensus is reached
  • Generate tags or collect data based on Smart Contract hash key
  • Publish tags on Publisher site or collect batch data
  • Collect tag data when an ad is served or batch data
  • Validate transaction has corresponding Smart Contract hash key
  • Provide Consensus (voting) on validated transaction
  • Persist valid raw transaction on distributed immutable ledger
  • Decrypt transaction hash key to obtain contract terms and rules
  • Cleanse, map, enrich, and clear transactions based on Smart Contract terms and rules
  • Persist cleared transactions in immutable distributed ledger
  • Extract, aggregate, and load transactions for reporting
  • Generate ad-hoc reports based on schedule
  • Configure and display dashboards to provide results analysis
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