For Agencies

Manage financial and performance data for entire traditional and digital campaigns from media buy to in-flight optimizations to billing and reporting across all vendors in real time in one platform.

For Brands

Moving your media buying operations in-house and need a solution to solve the massive financial, governance and data complexities associated. Let FusionSeven show you how.

For Finance

Access real-time financial data, in-flight optimization capabilities and actionable intelligence across entire campaigns not just vendor by vendor.

For agencies

The business models and way of tracking of yesterday are gone! Today we live in a data driven complex world, and to stay on top, we of need it now and need it correct.

Today's agencies are faced with the daunting tasks of collecting and figuring out what to do with the massive amounts of data generated from media planning and buying to billing and collections, billions of impressions served across multiple channels, DSPs partners, distribution channels, publishers…with programmatic adding a whole new twist to the picture.

The FusionSeven solution solves these complexities on a global basis by allowing your finance, ad operations and account teams a view into a master set of data collected and synced from your vendor ecosystem from buy to bill, and makes this available across desktop, tablet and mobile, through its SaaS cloud offering.

For brands

With the onslaught of programmatic and ever growing transparency issues in the media industry many brands are moving their media buying operations in house to take advantage of the effectiveness and cost savings. While this is a positive move, it comes with huge and sometimes overlooked financial reporting, data collection, vendor management, discrepancy, billing and corporate governance complexities.

FusionSeven solves these complexities in a single SaaS platform.

For Finance

With our SaaS platform, you can manage your I/O process, entire campaign spend and performance, financial data, vendor cost, margins and billing in one platform. The FusionSeven solution syncs financial and performance data from buy to bill and reporting.

For the first time financial, ad ops and account teams can all work from a real time master view of the data on a granular to global level.

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